Congresprogramma 2011

Dinsdag 19 april 2011

  Lezingen, Workshop en Avondprogramma
08:00 Ontvangst en Inschrijving
09:15 Opening en Welkomstwoord
09:20 Lezing Prof. dr. Phillip Shaver en Prof. dr. Mario Mikulincer:
An Attachment Theory Perspective on Couple Relationships

Lezing dr. Jim Coan:  Social Baseline Theory and the Social Regulation of Emotion

11:20 Pauze

Lezing Prof.dr. Daniel J. Siegel:
An Interpersonal Neurobiology Approach of a Mindful Brain, Mindsight and Mental Health

12.50 Lunch
13.50 Lezing Prof. dr. Jon G. Allen: A User-Friendly Approach to
Mentalizing for Psychotherapists and their Patients
14.50 Pauze
15.20 Plenaire Workshop 1 Prof. dr. Phillip Shaver en Prof. dr. Mario Mikulincer: Clinical Implications of Attachment Theory
17.30 Avondprogramma: Walking dinner
19.30 Avondprogramma: Lezing Prof. dr. Susan Johnson: Attachment a Blueprint for Change in Couple Therapy
 20.30  Feestavond

Woensdag 20 april 2011

  Workshops en Panel forum
08:30 Plenaire Workshop 2 Prof. dr. Daniel Siegel:
The Mindful Therapist
10.40 Pauze
11.00 Plenaire Workshop 3 Prof. dr Jon G. Allen: Treating Attachment Trauma from the Perspective of Mentalizing
11.00 Plenaire Workshop 4 Dr. Jim Coan: Understanding the Management of Metabolic Resources Through  Social Interaction
13:00 Lunch

Plenaire Workshop 5 Prof. dr. Sue Johnson:
The Generalizability of EFT

16.00 Pauze
16:15 Panel forum
  Prof. dr. Phillip Shaver, Prof. dr. Mario Mikulincer,
Dr. Jim Coan, Prof. dr. Jon G. Allen, Prof. dr. Sue Johnson,
Prof. dr Daniel Siegel.
Prof. dr. Marinus H. van IJzendoorn, voorzitter/ discussieleider
17:15 Afsluiting, borrel