Creating Secure Bonds in Couple Therapy

It is crucial that research provide not just a general understanding of love relationships but also a moment to moment guide to intervention. This workshop will explore the necessary and sufficient factors operating in the healing of attachment bonds.

Research on the process of change outlined in 9 studies of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT)  will be summarized. Key tasks, such as the deepening and integration of emotion and the creation of emotional responsiveness in key enactments found to predict success in EFT will be explored. The myriad of decisions as to how to engage with clients, view the relational drama and intervene effectively in the ongoing drama of panic and despair that is a distressed relationship will be examined.

 At this point it is possible to summarize key mistakes couple therapists commonly make and also key interventions that create moments of transformation in the couple bond and within individual partners. Different client attachment styles can also be taken into account when the attachment oriented clinician directs the flow of a session.

 Examples of key tasks in the change process, the places therapists become stuck and the most effective ways to shape corrective emotional experiences that lead to secure bonding will be given.


Objectives: Participants will be able to:

  • Discuss general factors, such as the nature of the alliance that set the stage for change
  • Outline key changes tasks and the interventions needed to complete these tasks
  • Explore dead-ends in the change process and how the therapist can deal with them.