Can we keep up?

CreatingConnections is a international conference on Attachment, Neuroscience and Emotions.

The fourth edition wille take place on april 21-21 2017 in The Efteling, Kaatsheivel (Netherlands). Once again we've invited a number of inspiring, world-renowned researchers and clinicians. During keynotes and masterclasses they will share their vision on the topic “Can we keep up”, along with details of how this vision can be put into practice. Together, we cordially invite you to join us in creating a connection with tomorrow’s world. You can register now.

Will emotional connection be able to withstand the future?

The world is changing more quickly than ever before, and technological and ecological advances of an even more drastic nature are yet to come. Will we humans be able to keep up with these changes? The development of our evolutionary brain cannot match the present rate of change. How does this affect our ability to adapt to our surroundings?  We need emotional connection in order to survive. There are a number of questions worthy of consideration:

  • How can we continue to feel safe and secure in a world where changes are occurring at an ever-increasing rate?
  • Are we becoming increasingly detached? And are we gradually losing the ability to form emotional connections?
  • Are we facing the dawn of an era in which we will primarily rely on technology to fulfil our fundamental need for emotional connection?

The future is bright, but we will inevitably encounter new threats and challenges (both personal and in terms of our relationships) along the way. 

Perhaps the most important question for us to consider, as therapists and researchers, is how we can assist those who are struggling to keep up, both personally and in terms of their relationships. How can we – and how will we – help our clients restore and retain their resilience and their ability to connect emotionally when we, too, are under ever-increasing pressure?

Jim Coan on CreatingConnections 2017


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