Conference Agenda 2011

Tuesday April 19 2011
  Lectures, Workshop and Evening program 
08:30 Reception & Registration
09:15 Opening and Introduction
09:20 Lecture by Prof. Dr. Phillip Shaver and Prof. Dr. Mario Mikulincer:
An Attachment TheoryPerspective on Couple Relationships
10.20 Lecture by Dr. Jim Coan: Social Baseline Theory and the Social Regulation of Emotion
11:20 Break

Lecture by Prof. dr. Daniel Siegel:
An Interpersonal Neurobiology Approach to the Mindful Brain, Mindsight and Mental Health


 Lunch Break

13:50 Lecture by Prof. Dr. Jon. G. Allen: A User-Friendly Approach
to Mentalizing for Psychotherapists and their Patients
14:50 Break
15:20 Plenary Workshop by Prof. dr. Phillip Shaver and Prof. dr. Mario Mikulincer: Clinical Implications of Attachment Theory
17:30 Evening program: Walking Dinner
19.30 Lecture by Prof. Dr. Sue Johnson: Attachment a Blueprint for Change in Couple Therapy
20:30 Evening Program

Wednesday  April 20 2011

  Workshops and Panel forum
08:30 Plenary Workshop 2 Prof. dr. Daniel Siegel:
The Mindful Therapist
10.40 Break
11.00 Plenary Workshop 3 Prof. Dr. Jon G. Allen:Treating Attachment Trauma from the Perspective of Mentalizing
11.00 Plenary Workshop 4 Dr. Jim Coan: Understanding the Management of Metabolic Resources Through Social Interaction
13:00 Lunch break
14.00 Plenary Workshop 5 Prof. Dr. Sue Johnson:
The Generalizability of EFT
16.00 Break
16:15 Panel forum

Prof. Dr. Phillip Shaver, Prof. Dr. Mario Mikulincer,
Dr. Jim Coan, Prof. Dr. Jon G. Allen, Prof. Dr. Sue Johnson, Prof. Dr. Daniel Siegel.
Chairman: Prof. Dr. Marinus H. van IJzendoorn

17:15 Conference End, Drinks