Conference Agenda

Program Thursday
April 16 2015


Reception by Key Bearers, registration day 1
Coffee and tea available at the Foyer of the Theatre 


Opening Creating Connections  Conference
Berry Aarnoudse - Director Creating Connections
Jim Furrow & Scott Woolley - panel chairmen


Presentation Sue Johnson
"Even in the darkness I hear your voice"

10.15 Presentation Marco Iacoboni
Affective and cognitive empathy are two sides of the same coin


Hans and Gretel Quiche, Cookies, Cake and Sweets buffet


Steven Hayes
It's We, not Me: It's We, not Me: Building on the Social Nature of Human Consciousness


Presentation Dan Siegel
Attachment, Trauma, and Psychotherapy: Neural Integration as a Pathway to Resilience and Well-Being

13.05 Take your knapsack and walk around in the Fairytale Forest, visit Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood or Dreamflight the World of Wonders.
Test your resilience: jump in the Python or Pegasus  and have a ride with the Flying Dutchman! 


Presentation Frans de Waal
"The Evolution of Connectivity: Primate Social Skills"


Presentation Witte Hoogendijk
Evolution therapy




Presentation Jon Kabat Zinn
The Healing Power of Mindfulness: Living as if Your Moments Really Mattered

17.35 Presentation Jim Coan
The Social Baseline Theory of Relationships and Health

18.20 Break
18.30 Wrap up of day 1 Creating Connections Conference lll with all the presenters
19.00 Join us for dinner & party in the Efteling !

Program Friday
April 17 2015


Reception by Key Bearers, registration day 2
Coffee and tea available in the Foyer of the Theatre 


Start masterclasses in Applaus, Theatre and Fata Morgana

09.15 Masterclass Sue Johnson
"Resilient relationships: Exiting from traumatizing negative cycles and attachment injuries"

Masterclass Jon Kabat Zinn
Brief Mindfulness Laboratory: A Morning of Practice and Inquiry


Masterclass Jim Coan, Gert-Jan & Grethe Kloens, Hans IJzerman
"Science of Love"

12.30 Lunch in the Foyer of the Theatre.  
Meet and greet with your colleagues
13.45 Start masterclasses in Efteling Theater, Applaus and Fata Morgana
Masterclass Marco Iacoboni
Neurobiology of empathy and prosocial behavior: evolutionary precursors, neural mechanisms, and interventions

Masterclass Dan Siegel
"Brainstorm: The Power + Purpose of the Teenage Brain"

Masterclass Steven Hayes
Perspective Taking as a Foundation of Mindfulness, Compassion, and Self-Kindness

16.30 Break
17.00 Review masterclasses Creating Connections Conference lll



Interview with Irvin Yalom by Grethe van Duijn en Jim Furrow

19.00 End of day 2 of Creating Connections Conference lll


For those who want to connect, stay a day longer for the post conference masterclasses or want to have dinner before leaving home, be welcome at Ravelijn (food & drinks included)

This part of the program isnot included in the Conference fee

Program Saturday 
April 18 2015

8.15 Reception by Key Bearers, registration day 1
Coffee and tea available at the Foyer of the Theatre 

Part 1 Masterclass Sue Johnson
"Facing the Dragon Together: EFT with Traumatized Partners"


Part 1 Masterclass Jon Kabat Zinn
"A Day of Mindfulness Practice and Dialogue

9.15 Part 1 Masterclass Steven Hayes
Applying the Psychological Flexibility Model to the Therapeutic Relationship

12.30 Lunch
13.45 Part 2 Masterclass Sue Johnson 
Part 2 Masterclass Jon Kabat Zinn
  Part 2 Masterclass Steven Hayes
16.00 End post conference day.