CreatingConnection 2011

International Conference on Attachment, Neuroscience,
Mentalization Based Treatment and Emotionally Focused Therapy.


This chapter is a review of the conference in 2011

Impression Creating Connection Conference 2011


Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands April 19 - 20, 2011

Nobody can survive without attaching to others. However, we still don’t understand the essence of this phenomenon.

Twenty years after John Bowlby’s “A Secure Base”, prominent researchers and clinicians from all over the world are gathering in The Netherlands to discuss with you how to make a connection between the scientific basis of attachment and the treatment of psychological and relationship problems. First they will meet for two days in an attempt to advance the available knowledge, then they will address the congress on these matters to share with you the latest scientific and practical outcomes.

In their lectures and workshops speakers will show interactions between various psychotherapeutic opinions and current trends. They will show the relation between Attachment and Mindfulness, between insight oriented and behavioural therapies. All this will be linked to the latest scientific research and knowledge.

Psyraad has brought together

  • Phillip Shaver
  • Mario Mikulincer
  • Jim Coan
  • Jon Allen
  • Sue Johnson
  • Daniel Siegel

Panel chairman:

  • Marinus van IJzendoorn

At this conference these researchers and clinicians will discuss developments in research on attachment, neuroscience, MBT and EFT. They will present their findings in lectures and workshops and they will discuss the clinical relevance of their research on attachment, neurobiology, MBT and EFT.

In a panel discussion they will link to the ideas of the other researchers and so provide mutually agreed on and controversial views on research and clinical practice. The overall goal is to stimulate thinking, improve clinical practice and generate an impulse for new developments.


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