Challenge the scholar!

Phillip Shaver, Mario Mikulincer, Jim Coan, Jon Allen, Daniel Siegel and Sue Johnson

Prior to the "Creating Connections" Conference, on Saturday and Sunday April 16 & 17 our honoured guests will discuss their work, their research and their results. You will be able to join them!

We encourage you to pose a challenging question to our distinguished speakers.
Submit your question and we will provide it to the speakers prior to the Conference start. They will make a selection of the 25 most challenging, inspiring and thought provoking questions, comments and observations. 

Participants whose questions are selected are invited to join our distuinguished guests in their discussion the afternoon of Monday
April 18.

Send your questions to . Don't forget to write your name, address, telephone number and profession. You can send in your question until April 10, 2011. Make sure you have already registered for the conference on
April 19 & 20, as well.


Challenge the scholar will be continued at the Conference in 2013!