The Generalizability of EFT

Nothing is so practical as a good theory. This plenary will focus on how attachment guides the EFT therapist in a moment to moment fashion in early and later EFT sessions. Attachment offers a guide to the shaping of corrective emotional experiences that transform both the self of the partners and the key interactions that define their relationship.

The processing of emotion, the integration of new emotions into revised working models of self and other and the gradually choreographing of specific enactments all contribute to the creation of a new and more secure relationship.  

Using this model with different kinds of couples.

 Participants will be able to

  • Describe the core elements of EFT that are used across all couples and types of problems. 
  • Outline how the two tasks of EFT, processing emotion and tracking and restructuring enactments differ for different kinds of couples. 
  • List specific ways that problems such as depression, ptsd, addiction, severe escalating hostile cycles and affairs are addressed in EFT.