What Makes Love Last? How to Build Trust, Love & Loyalty

 Drs. John & Julie Gottman offer new research, theory and treatment methods to help couples to create, strengthen and repair the foundations of their relationship: trust and loyalty. The Drs. Gottman will introduce their newest research on how to build these foundations through a fundamental social skill called “emotional attunement,” which describes how a couple can fully process and move on from negative emotional events and create a more lasting relationship. They draw from four studies and theory to show how emotional attunement helps couples to build trust. ATTUNE is an acronym that stands for creating emotional connection through Awareness, Tolerance, Turning toward, Understanding, Non-defensive listening, and Empathy. These qualities can help inspire confidence in a relationship, and give hope that, despite the inevitable struggles, the relationship can be enduring and resilient.


  • Identify how couples can build trust and avoid betrayal
  • Describe “emotional attunement” as it applies to couples
  • Discuss the Zeigarnik effect and how it relates to processing negative emotional events
  • Differentiate between the steps that erode trust in relationships and the processes that end in betrayal

Powerpoint -  Presentation April 18